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15 Feb

Whitney Houston Music Savings

With the recent passing of legendary singer Whitney Houston, you can find great deals on her Albums and CDs here. Whitney Houston had some of the best selling albums of all time. Make sure you add them to your collection.

28 Apr

Cloud Player from Amazon

Check out the new cloud player from Amazon that allows you to buy, play, and store music in one place.

02 Nov

myLot Website Review

myLot is a website that actually pays you to post messages and images to its discussion boards. It has a section where you can network with other music fans of similar interests. It is free to join and you can actually earn money for participating.

Are you a fan of listening to music?
listening to music
Then join other music listening to fans on myLot! Whether you’re looking for a friendly conversation or a heated debate, you can find it on myLot.
02 Nov

Kanye West Runaway Music Video

Check out Kanye West’s Runaway video in full lenght version right here at

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02 Nov

Get Concert Tickets Online

Looking to buy concerts tickets? Get them right here online.

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